How to run MultiQC on Latch

  1. Add MultiQC to your Workspace
    1. Find MultiQC in “Explore” and click “add” to add it to your workflows
    2. Open MultiQC in “Workflows” by selecting and clicking “View” or double clicking it
  2. Enter parameters for MultiQC
    1. All you do is a select your input directory (a folder containing your FastQ’s)
    2. Then select the Output Location and click Launch Workflow.
  3. Within no time your results will show up in the Data tab!


Input Directory

  • Just specify the folder you want MultiQC to search through, this folder should contain your analysis logs

Output Directory

  • The directory where the results produced by this workflow will be placed. A folder can either be selected or if a new path is typed in field Latch will automatically create the folders in the data viewer for that path.


The output is an interactive .html report showing you all of your sequence quality.

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