Latch Verified Workflows

Latch Verified is a suite of bioinformatics software with user-friendly interfaces built with the LatchBio SDK.

Latch Verified workflows are built and maintained by our engineers to guarantee benchmarked tool-selection from frequent literature reviews, battle-tested source code, and intuitive workflow parameters distilled from the feedback of hundreds of scientists.

Upload your Custom Workflow

The Latch SDK is an open-source toolchain to define serverless bioinformatics workflows with plain python and deploy associated no-code interfaces using single command.

Bioinformatics workflows developed with the SDK automatically receive:

Instant no-code interfaces for accessibility and publication

First class static typing

Containerization and versioning of every registered change

Reliable and scalable managed cloud infrastructure

Single line definition of arbitrary resource requirements (eg. CPU, GPU) for serverless execution

To learn more about the SDK, visit our Developer’s Documentation.