Setting Defaults

To update the defaults for the viewer go to the top toolbar and click the Defaults button:

The initial default properties on Latch are set to the default values of the IGV browser, to learn more about these go to the IGV Wiki.

You are able to set general viewer defaults and display defaults for alignment tracks (BAM files). To set a new default update the value and click the save button at the bottom of the modal.

Clicking Save will save the defaults for when you open a file again in the browser and Save & Apply will reset your current session and reload it with the new defaults.

Default Options Overview

General Defaults

Default reference genome: Setting a default reference genome will automatically open all new alignment files on Latch with the specified reference. However, any manually selected reference genome for a particular file will override this default and be saved and used when the file is opened again.

Alignment Track Defaults

These defaults correspond to the options availible after clicking the cog icon on the right side of an aligment track. These defaults will set the track view properties when a new session is started and can be overriden by changing the values in the track dropdown menu.