Customizing Nextflow Workflows on Latch

When developing Nextflow workflows on Latch, users may want to customize their workflow using the Latch SDK without modifying their Nextflow code. For example, developers may want to do some additional post-processing to their workflow outputs or provide additional customization to their workflow interface as described here.

To support this, the Latch SDK provides a command to generate the Latch SDK workflow code that executes the Nextflow pipeline:

latch nextflow generate-entrypoint . --nf-script

This command generates two files:

  1. latch.config - a Nextflow configuration file passed to Nextflow via the -config flag.
  2. wf/ - the generated Latch SDK workflow code that executes the Nextflow pipeline.

Users can modify these files and register the updated workflow by running:

latch register .

We purposely exclude the --nf-script flag in the latch register command to avoid re-generating the Latch SDK workflow code.