Pod Data Mounting Defaults

By default your workspace Latch Data will be mounted on any Pod created in that workspace. The Latch Data filesystem is mounted at the /ldata and a shortcut is created in the default directory in Jupyter Labs at /root/my_latch_data.

If your Latch Data is not mounted or has no shortcut symlink by default look below for instructions on how to do that manually.

  1. To mount Latch Data onto Pods, run:
  1. By default, Latch Data will be available under the /ldata folder in the Pod.

  2. To display the content of /ldata under the /root folder, you can create a symlink with:

ln -s /ldata /root
  1. To ensure Latch Data is automatically mounted when Pods start in the future, enable the LData FUSE automount service:
systemctl enable latch-ldata-automount
systemctl start latch-ldata-automount