1. Go to the Data Tab and click the Mount S3 Bucket button.
  1. If you have not connected Latch with your AWS account yet it will prompt you to do so. Click the Connect AWS Account → button.
  1. If not already, log into the AWS account which contains your buckets.
  2. You will directed you to an AWS CloudFormation “Quick create stack” template.
    1. This template will create an IAM (Identity and Access Management) role with permissions necessary to discover and configure all S3 buckets that your AWS account has access to.
  1. Review and click Create Stack.
  2. Wait for the stack to finish being created.
  3. After it has finished return to the Mount S3 Bucket modal on Latch which should show your AWS account and all of its available buckets (buckets must be versioned to be mounted on Latch).
    1. You might have to click the refresh button on the modal a few times before your buckets show up.
  4. Click the Mount/Add Link button for the bucket you want to mount. The modal will close and the bucket you added will appear in the data list.

Removing a Mounted Bucket

  1. Simply hover over the bucket in the data viewer, click the ellipsis and select Delete.


My bucket isn’t showing up in the list in the Mount S3 Bucket modal.

This might be because your bucket isn’t versioned. Latch only supports versioned buckets for mounting. To check to see if your bucket is versioned or not, open the bucket in S3, go to the Properties tab, and it is the 2nd panel, Bucket Versioning.