To share a file or a folder on Latch, select the file in the data explorer, go to the right sidebar, and click the share button:

This will open up a modal which will all you to either share by email or through a link.

Sharing by Email

Sharing by email will send an email to the emails provided emails, which will will provide them a link that prompts them to open the file/folder in one of their workspaces.

Once added to a workspace the files are accesible in the Shared with Me in the folder in the Data Explorer.

After enabling the Share by Link a link will be generated that you can send to a recipient. Creating a share link for a folder will create allow the recipient to view the files contained in a stripped down data explorer. The files in the folder can be downloaded or copied to a workspace.

Creating a share link for a file will open the data viewer for that file for the recipient.