Create a new plotting layout

In the right sidebar click the + New Plot button.

This will open up a creation modal where you can give your layout a name, select start from a Blank Layout and then click create.


Bring data in

  1. In the layout just created, click the + Table Display/Filter button in the middle of the screen.

  2. At the top of the new table cell click Select table…Select From Latch Data.

  3. Upload this file CoCl2 vs control (condition).csv and select it in the file modal.

  4. After selecting your file you will be able to preview the data in the Table Viewer cell.


Create a plot

  1. In the Table Viewer cell click the Create Plot from the top left corner of the cell and select Volcano from the dropdown.

    1. In the new Plot cell below make sure the left edit sidebar is open. You can open it by clicking the Pencil edit button on the left side of the cell.

    2. In the Plot edit side bar for the X-Axis select the log2FoldChange column and for the Y-Axis select the pvalue column.


You have visualized your first data in Latch Plots!