Create a Template

  1. To create a Pod template, first navigate to the Applications page

  2. Select Manage Pods to go the Pod’s Settings.

  1. Navigate to the Template Generation section of the Pod’s Settings, and click Create Template.

  1. You will be prompted to select a template from a snapshot. Selecting New will generate a template from the current setup, dependencies, and data on your Pod right now whereas Select From Backup allows you to select a previous backup snapshot.

  1. Once the template has been created, it will show up under My Templates

  2. Select Use Template to set up the pod from the template.

Update a Template

To update a template, follow step 1 to 4 of the section above. You will be prompted to update an existing template.

Select Update and assign a new version to the template to publish it.

Using a Template in a Different workspace

Once a template has been created, it is also possible to use the templates in multiple workspaces that you are a part of.

Select the toggle next to Use Template. You will be prompted to select the workspace you want to open the template in.